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  2011-03-01 EIFS on soffits and ceilings 18233 0
Levi Mekker EIFS has been intensively designed and developed for use on exterior vertical walls, but sometimes it finds itself being used in other ways, such as in soffit and ceiling applications outdoors. When used in this matter, the EIFS finds itself turned upside down. ... [Read more]
  2011-02-01 EIFS - more on EPS 8879 0
Levi Mekker Exterior Insulation Finish Systems usually get their insulating properties from expanded polystyrene foam, or EPS. All of the components of EIFS are sold as a system and have been developed and designed for specific purposes. EPS is no different, although EIFS- ... [Read more]
  2011-01-04 EIFS - How much drainage is enough 9302 0
Levi Mekker Because Exterior Insulating Finish Systems originally surfaced as a barrier system, water-resistive barriers were not required to be used in conjunction with EIFS when it first burst onto the Canadian market. EIFS seemed to function just fine as a water-resistiv ... [Read more]
  2010-08-25 EIFS - Sealants 11114 0
Levi Mekker Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems have garnered themselves a poor reputation with regards to water intrusion. It's widely-known in the industry that these problems are caused by improper installation, and one of those forms of improper installation is not us ... [Read more]
  2010-07-31 EIFS - scuppers 15636 0
Levi Mekker Scuppers are drains that penetrate through walls. They are used on decks, balconies, parapets and roofs to allow for the removal of excess water and to keep it from pooling in one space, where it may cause damage. If an exterior area like a deck has Exterior Ins ... [Read more]
  2010-06-15 EIFS - the search for optimal impact resistance 9279 0
Levi Mekker When Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems came to Canada, the question of how a lightweight exterior wall cladding material would fare against the impact every wall cladding system would face during its lifetime. Competitors of EIFS products would demo ... [Read more]
  2010-05-10 EIFS - A few reminders 9822 0
Levi Mekker There is a lot of information, tips and tricks available for Exterior Insulation Finish Systems. There are also quite a few of these tidbits that are worth repeating. Mixing manufacturers EIFS is composed of different ... [Read more]
  2010-04-02 Can EIFS be used on chimneys? 18754 0
Levi Mekker If an entire home is clad with Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems, it's a possibility that it might be aesthetically optimal for the chimney to be clad with EIFS too. Risk of fire There are two large concerns with re ... [Read more]
  2010-03-05 What makes EIFS with drainage effective 17203 0
Levi Mekker EIFS with drainage has been available since the 1990s in North America. In southern Ontario, some townships require that EIFS with drainage is used, such as Richmond Hill, Oakville and Burlington. Other areas like Toronto have no such requirements or regulation ... [Read more]
  2010-02-26 EIFS and foam shapes 11377 0
Levi Mekker Foam shapes are frequently incorporated into applications of Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems. Foam shapes can even be applied on buildings that don't use EIFS at all. The foam shapes are generally added for aesthetic or architectural reasons, to enhance or ... [Read more]
  2010-02-19 Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) and Environmental Impact 13411 0
Levi Mekker Expanded polystyrene foam, or EPS, is typically white and composed of expanded beads of polystyrene. Its most familiar uses are packing peanuts and moulded styrofoam-like pieces that come in boxes protecting and keeping your new television or computer in place ... [Read more]
  2010-02-12 Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems of Ontario 14889 0
Levi Mekker Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems have been popular in North America since the late 1960s. Sometimes, issues arise and EIFS inspectors are called out to look at buildings that don't actually have any EIFS on the exterior walls, but instead have stucco or ano ... [Read more]
  2010-02-05 Flat, flatter and flattest EIFS wall flatness 16201 0
Levi Mekker Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems are composed of several different layers and as such, some of the cementitious layers, including the finished top coat, are applied fully by hand. Even though EIFS' construction allows for a nearly perfect and flat wall, bec ... [Read more]
  2010-01-29 Is EIFS impact-resistant? 8512 0
Levi Mekker Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems are relatively lightweight and mostly composed of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, which when hit with direct impact, can give way to punctures or dents. This isn't to say EIFS is a weak material, as it can resist inclement ... [Read more]
  2010-01-22 Itís all in the details - EIFS 13073 0
Levi Mekker Often when the subject of leaks is brought up in relation to EIFS, it's noted that the leaks are rarely if ever emanating from the EIFS itself, but more likely caused by improper application, installation or from finishing details like flashings or joints. Preve ... [Read more]
  2010-01-15 Leaks EIFSí arch nemesis 8503 0
Levi Mekker The threat of leaks might seemingly be the greatest downfall of Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems. The most unfortunate aspect of this notion is that in most cases, the EIFS itself is not the problem. There are many underlying causes that could make it appe ... [Read more]
  2010-01-08 Some extra tidbits about EIFS 20445 0
Levi Mekker Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems are a wall cladding system. Like any construction material that is used outdoors or on the exterior of a building, Ontario climates create a few extra precautions necessary to take during winter installation. Few ot ... [Read more]
  2010-01-01 Water Vapour and EIFS in Ontario 54393 0
Levi Mekker per∑me∑a∑ble [pur-mee-uh-buh l] adj. That can be permeated or penetrated, especially by liquids or gases: permeable membranes; rock that is permeable by water. Permeability, with regards to Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems, ... [Read more]

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