Applies to proposed construction of commercial or multi-residential              buildings

Focuses on ensuring proper installation

  • with attention to long-term functionality of EIFS system
  • in accordance with project specifications, contract documents, and manufacturer’s recommendations
  • respecting project schedule and budget

Involves complete project involvement, including:

  • Full-time, on-site, field construction observation of installation contractor’s work
  • Weekly (or more frequent) construction meetings with relevant parties involved in construction
  • Weekly progress and condition reports to owner or owner’s representative
  • Photographic inventory of project progress, including problem identification and resolution

Provides many project roles besides just observation, such as:

  • Quality assessment of installation
  • Problem identification
  • Problem Resolution

Adds significant value to any EIFS installation

Provides ultimate peace of mind

Relies on dedicated, knowledgeable, professionals, experienced in EIFS

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