In cases where an existing EIFS installation has been installed improperly, or not maintained as required, moisture intrusion may occur.

While there are many modes of moisture intrusion and several ways in which moisture intrusion may occur, the end results are always undesirable. However, the extent of any moisture intrusion is not always obvious or easy to determine.

A combination of Visual Inspection and the employment of Specialized Equipment allow detection, location and analysis of moisture that has intruded into EIFS or Stucco installations. More importantly, the potential source of the problem is also identified. Stucco control’s Moisture Intrusion Analysis service will analyze the extent of moisture intrusion within your building’s envelope and provide you with a detailed photographic report that documents the results.

Visual Inspection

The main objective of visual inspection is to identify aspects of the existing EIFS or Stucco system that varies from the accepted manufacturer’s standards. Any deviations are noted and explained in the provided report. Examples of the specific aspects of the EIFS or Stucco system that will be visually inspected are:

  • Roof termination
  • Terminations
  • Below grade terminations
  • Back wrapping
  • Backer Rod/Sealant
  • Expansion Joints between Dissimilar Materials
  • Floor Bands
  • Horizontal Surfaces
  • Flashing
  • Penetrations
  • Damaged Areas

Specialized Equipment

A Wet Wall Detector or equivalent piece of detection equipment is used to scan all areas of the installation, weather there is obvious moisture in the are or not. Specific areas that are the focus of attention, based on experience, include:

  • Corners, outside and inside
  • Around doors and windows
  • At the band, each floor level, every 3 ft.
  • At flashing points
  • Around all wall penetrations.

However, Wet Wall Detectors only provide a basic indication of where moisture levels are elevated. The areas where the scanner indicates an elevated level of moisture are then probed using a Moisture Meter with insulated probes of adequate length. By combining the results from both instruments, a detailed picture of the extent of moisture intrusion can be put together.

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