When it comes to installation of EIFS, independent Third-Party Inspections are in the best interest of ALL parties involved. This includes homeowners, building owners, general contractors, trades, code inspectors and even EIFS applicators.

The purpose of these inspections is to involve an unbiased, independent EIFS expert throughout the installation process, to assure that the exterior cladding system is installed in compliance with manufacturers' recommended details and specifications. Additionally, a Third-Party Inspection makes sure that all of the components of the building that interface with the EIF system are properly designed and installed to prevent moisture intrusion and the potential resulting damage.

In some cases, Third-Party inspections are also required by provincial building code or local municipal building guidelines. Often still, many building owners engage Third-Party Inspection services for their own "peace of mind" and to add the value of unbiased expert guidance to a building project. Furthermore, the historical documentation of an EIFS installation by an independent consultant can prove to be a valuable resource in the event of any future claims and/or disputes that may arise on a project.

In all cases, the process of Third-Party Inspection begins with a review of any and all related construction documents including drawings and specifications. Document review is combined with pre-construction meetings with the relevant parties involved, such as the owner, engineer, architect, general contractor, etc., to discuss the proper interface of the EIF System with other construction components and materials on the project.

Throughout the various Application Stages, the role of the Third-Party Inspector is to ensure that the materials and installation procedures used are in compliance with the contract documents, as well as to beware of the impacts that associated construction activities may have upon the quality of the finished EIF System. Each inspection produces a written and photographic report which documents the findings of the inspection and is delivered to the client.

Inspections can be conducted on a random or scheduled basis, as frequently as deemed appropriate for the specific project needs.

At Stucco Control, we have absolutely no affiliation with any EIFS or stucco manufacturer, installer, repair service, or any insurance company or law firm. We pride ourselves on our independence, integrity and professionalism. We have over ten years of experience in EIFS and stucco, with exposure to all types of installation and repair projects. We provide our services to owners, developers, property managers, condominium associations, potential buyers, insurance companies, law firms, appraisers, realtors and relocation services.

Application Stages

Third-Party Inspections of EIFS applications requires monitoring the following specific stages of the application, as a minimum:

  • Installation of substrate, appropriate flashing and installation of weather barrier.
  • Back wrapping and installation of the insulation boards.
  • Application of the reinforcing mesh and base coat.
  • Application of the finish coat.
  • Joint preparation and installation of the sealants.
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